5 Reasons why you should blog

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As a website owner, you may have been told to “blog”. You ask, “Why should I blog?”. “What is blogging anyway?”. This article will explain some of the reasons why it is good to blog, and why it is so important for the success of your website and therefore your practice and business.

What is a Blog?
Officially, its a “web log”, or a modern-day diary of information. It is usually, or rather, should be written in conversational language.

5 Reasons you should blog

Be found by Search Engines

One of the usual aims of a website owner is to make their website visible to many, many internet users. This is to increase sales of their product or service. This process of making your website visible to search engines is known as SEO, or “Search Engine Optimisation”. However, users have built up affiliations with their favourite products, so someone looking for a book is likely to go straight to Amazon or another bookstore, and not just search for the book on Google.

Your website needs to build a reputation so that your site gets known. Google, Bing and other search engines crawl the internet for content and analyse each website. There are over 200 conditions or tests that Google employs to decide where on the Google search page, your website should appear. These conditions/algorithms are changed regularly by Google.

When you change your website, Google has another look at it, to analyse for its search engine positioning. The more often you make changes to your website, the more often Google has a look at it, and the better it may rank. Each blog post is also like an entry into the Google lottery, the more (valuable and information-rich) “tickets” you have, the more likely it will be found by Google and others.

The easiest and best way to make regular changes to your website is to create blog posts.

Be seen as an expert

Google and people like experts. If your posts are related to your area of expertise, then you effectively let Google and your readers know that you are an expert, and Google may therefore rank your website higher so that more people are likely to see your website listing. Your blog posts will also drive internet users to the site so that they can educate themselves on your area of expertise.

Gain Customer Confidence

Related to the above topic, if your current or future clients see that you know what you are blogging about, and they are interested in that topic, they will return and may purchase your service.

Promote your Blog

After you have published your blog, you need to promote it. You don’t want it to gather dust on your website. Get the loudspeaker out and advertise it on Social Media, and other channels you may have, and add a link back to the blog. Get your readers excited!

How often to Blog

Regular blogging is ideal, as it gives readers more reasons to come back to your site. However, you don’t want to “over blog” and loose reader interest. Readers have a lot of choice on what to read, and many are time poor. Keep your blogs relevant, and to the point. Setup a schedule of regular blogging, something that suits you, such as once a week, once a fortnight, once a month, etc., so that your readers know when they can expect a new post from you.

We can help you

Contact us help you with blog ideas, your website and to provide you with a free guide to writing a “killer blog post”.

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