Don’t Plagiarise on your website


Plagiarism is not good for your website

This post aims to give you some insight into how your clients/patients and search engines, such as Google or Bing and others, will react if you plagiarise from other websites.

The plagiarism I’m referring to is when your website uses text /copy or information copied from other websites, and passed off as your own content.

But it’s a website from another country

The comment I hear is that the content is gained from a website in another country. They are not competing with that foreign website for clients for their practice. Also, the information is the same anyway, the issues people face are the same worldwide, anxiety is anxiety no matter where you are in the world. Even though the disorder that your clients may be facing is the same worldwide, the potential client wants to hear from you and your take on the subject. You have a unique perspective, share it. Furthermore, in order to gain the respect of your clients, you want to be seen as an authority on the subject. You want to show that you know what you are talking about. Copying someone else’s words is not going to give you that authority.

Another important factor is that Google knows who wrote what and when. Google is likely to prefer the older content on the web and disregard yours, moving your site lower on the search rankings, or even worse, blacklist your site and it may therefore not even show up at all, resulting in no website visits and therefore no new clients.

Once you are an established authority on your niche service (more about that in another post), you may be competing for the same clients in that other country. Online therapy and treatment is now a reality, which many therapists are offering. You may want clients from anywhere in the world.

So how do I create Unique Content?

Think about past therapy sessions you have had with clients. What resonated with them? Write a post based on your experiences, being careful to ensure the information is not identifiable or unique to a specific client, but ensure that it is relatable by your target market.

You can visit other websites to get ideas, but don’t copy their writing. Close their websites and rewrite the information from your perspective, for your potential clients, in your own words.

Write on unique topics to help your current and future clients. Give them useful information that no one else is sharing, show them that you know your speciality. They will be drawn to you for a therapy session to help them, as they can see that you know what you are talking about.


Don’t copy other websites, it will harm your practice more than it will help.

Give your unique perspective, show that you know what you are talking about, be the expert that you are.

Give your clients useful information that will help them.

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